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I. Comments on subject-level-specific ways to collaborate:

Incorporating Astro: Tie into specific astro events and news events that impact the students. Break down the obstruction of astronomy being doable only at night.

Incorporating Enviro: Can focus on particular issue where you see impact, connection to your life. Post results. If , e.g., water testing, tie in other disciplines like chemistry of water or the physics of movement of water, geology. For schools without specific talent, need online opportunity to communicate with those experts.

Other opportunities:

II. Ways to use this wiki to foster greater collaboration
Post lessons that work and questions about topics coming up.
Post valuable websites.
Match donors (of science equipment, e.g.) with classrooms.
Enhance community integration into its use, not just among teachers.

III. Any other topics: challenges, opportunities, etc?
We lack resources, so could use suggestions on how to obtain science materials. Need collaboration with community. Need means to get older equipment from institutions or businesses that are upgrading. Promote warehouse of used equipment, which currently exists but is not well known.
In this sitting, networking is revealing workshops and small funding opportunities that each knows.
Here at ND, look at IN standards as you design your workshops.
At future forums, have actual exhibits of the hands-on programs of which you speak. Give the teachers a sense of what's being offered.
Teachers learn differently, just as their kids. Some in the group are visual, others are hands-on.
When kits are availed, teachers need hands-on training themselves, not just written instructions.